Joost d’Hooghe

speed customers change sales automotive team global culture family data improve loyal win decisions grow relationships modesty B2B executive red market positive Joost d’Hooghe – I am a strong believer of using positive energy and personal relationships to build lasting commercial partnerships. Applying a 90-10, “getting things done” approach.  My ambition is to build strategic alliances between …

Kristina Sutton

dream-big show-courage risk learn adore mastery Seattle Paris South Africa expatriate start-up sales dance travel jet-set B2B ambition mindfulness kindness Kristina Sutton, "I am from Seattle, Washington. When I was 18 y.o. I moved to Paris, France for my degree in international business from the American University of Paris. It was a fantastic few years …

B2B ambassadors

Commercial professionals are the ambassadors of todays B2B businesses. Traditional sales and procurement is history, outnumber competition through prime partnerships.

corporate consolidation

The trend of consolidation is far from over. DOW is eating Dupont, and the image below shows what's happening in the medical device industry. This ongoing consolidation makes it more and more important to engage in strategic alliances. Requiring corporate ambassadors to facilitate optimal partnership performance.