OUTNR. membership benefits and obligations

No free lunch….

OUTNR. is a movement of game changers. The movement is global, diverse and active. The initiative is there to support you, members that make positive impacts on teams, organisations and the planet.


  • Every two months you will be matched with a random member, with the opportunity to learn from each other, benefit from new contacts, insights,…
  • Your social media reach is amplified by 999 members x >1.000 of their relations. 1.000.000 viewers of your INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, LINKEDIN,… posts.
  • Access to the most inspiring members meetups, where 25 members meet to broaden their horizon, get inspired by key notes on diverse topics and enjoy a nice diner together.
  • VIP access to the most admired employers, and matching with upcoming job openings that are not yet public.
  • Directly access 999 peer game changers through the exclusive OUTNR. community app.
  • Become an editor, you have a seat at the table to share relevant information with the world through our FLIPBOARD magazine.


  • Agree to be a visible member (contact details are protected).
  • Respond to members requests for introductions, advise,..

  • Participate in multifunctional projects initiated by members or clients.