Ensure that every manager has weekly 1-on-1 meetings with all of his or her direct reports

Expanding on the prior point, it can help performance if you ensure that all managers throughout your organization adhere to the discipline of weekly 1-on-1 meetings with direct reports – a practice that some consider to be the most important business management practice of all. Weekly meetings not only help a firm practice CPM (described above), but, …

tips for efficient meetings

FOCUS ON CONTENT SHARE THE MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION DO NOT USE MOBILE PHONE DISAGREE WITHOUT BEING DISAGREEABLE CHALLENGE IDEAS NOT PEOPLE BE BRIEF AND TO THE POINT DO NOT HAVE PARALLEL CONVERSATION Share a pre-read at least 48 hrs in advance. Start with a short summary and ask for comments/questions instead of flipping through powerpoints.

Manage execution towards objectives by utilizing Continuous Performance Management

Many of the best CEOs today utilize Continuous Performance Management (CPM) throughout their organizations. CPM refers to performance management processes that occur on an ongoing basis, rather than via some annual or biannual appraisals. Near-term objective setting done as part of the CPM process should be based on the strategy and alignment discussed above. CPM need not …


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