B2B Brand Talk

On April 5th OUTNR. member Mike Parsons discusses B2B Branding in 2018 with members Andy Mosmans, Marty Neumeier and Joost d’Hooghe. This is your opportunity to share relevant topics, questions or statements. The OUTNR. B2B Brand Talk will be made available as a podcast.“There’s a persistent assumption that B2B, B2C, product, and service companies have different needs for culture and brand. They do, but the differences are usually a matter of proportion. Every company has a culture and a brand, and it would be foolish not to design and manage them for maximum advantage.” Marty Neumeier

“Brands have developed from simple trademarks to one of the major organizing principles of modern life. And branding has changed from the name of the game into the game of the name. And more and more this ‘game’ is not only about being the best of the world, but moreover for the world. It also includes thinking about sustainability: the ability to last within the limits of the planet and societal expectation. Also called ‘(social) purpose’: the external benefit a business brings that society would miss if it didn’t exist. Modern brands are concepts, ideas or even better, ideals, to integratively drive business and society. Identity is destiny.” Andy Mosmans

“Due to the ease of access, both mega multinationals and local niche boutique players are in competition for the same customer. The effect of digital has now fully entered the B2B arena, and a distinguishing brand is crucial to reach the right customer. Traditional corporate approaches no longer work, customers are interested in the soul of their business partner, not just the company logo but also the team with whom they interact. Trust is an essential decision making element, that is linked to the corporate brand.” Joost d’Hooghe

Post your question(s) or statements related to B2B Branding here, and we’ll address them in the March Brand Talk, which will be broadcasted as a podcast.

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