Members meetup Brussels, November 2nd

Join 25 members for an evening full of inspiration, metworking and mind blowing key notes; REGISTER HERE

  • DATE: November 2nd, 2017
  • START: 19.00 hr FINISH: 23.00 hr
  • LOCATION; Vlerick Business School Brussels

A detailed agenda will follow. 

Member Jean-Luc Verhelst will disclose some findings from his upcoming book on Bitcoin. Jean-Luc is a strategy and blockchain consultant for Monitor Deloitte and delivered multi-day trainings in EMEA and USA. He won the world’s largest blockchain hackathon of 2016 and his master thesis on Bitcoin received the award for best financial thesis of 2014 in Belgium. He founded the think-tank BlockchainHub Brussels and holds degrees in IT and Business. Most importantly, Jean-Luc has a real passion for Bitcoin, blockchains and how they will shape our future.

Dries Bovijn will share his vision for a plausable Government design for 2025.