Joost d’Hooghe

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Joost d’Hooghe – I am a strong believer of using positive energy and personal relationships to build lasting commercial partnerships. Applying a 90-10, “getting things done” approach. 

My ambition is to build strategic alliances between winning organisations, either in executive commercial roles or as general manager. Working with agile and empowered teams with a focused approach (strategic accounts, push products, application leadership) and goal orientation (KPI’s, dashboards, accountability) resulted in >double digit growth in a stagnated European economy.

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Commercial Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at DSM Engineering Plastics check out and get inspired on how to make things better, faster, lighter, greener.

1 joostFounder and ambassador of ambitionOne® a network that matches the ambitions of game changing top professionals, with the ‘most admired employers’ and hottest startups –

Described as authentic, trustworthy and goal oriented. Results count; increased market share is the most relevant metric. “Can do” mentality, balancing analytical skills with no-nonsense hard work.

My passions are boosting team effectiveness, building lasting customer relationships (achieved premium supplier status at DAIMLER, CONTINENTAL, SCHAEFFLER, DELPHI, ZF, BOSCH), streamlining organisational architecture and developing individuals.


DSM is a leader in Life Sciences and Material Sciences, we continue to push the boundaries by developing new solution together with the most innovative market leaders. Staying in touch with customers is key.

Joost shares how DSM is working on innovative plastics that support the automotive industry to improve their fuel efficiency. The inventors of the Diablo Technology.

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My Myers Briggs Type Indicator is Sentinel – “Executive” ESTJ. And my DISC profile is Red – Dominant.

1610 ZF award

One of the most rewarding moments in my career, receiving ZF’s Supplier Award in Katowice Poland for supporting ZF’s team to “make the impossible, just difficult”.

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